Monthly calls

Our first acknowledgement goes to the John Deere Corp. They came through for us in a major way after Sandy hit. I was in contact with Jim Cunningham of John Deere shortly after the storm regarding the Gator utility vehicle. Jim made a few calls and before I knew if 2 Gator 825i's were being delivered, not as a sale, but a DONATION!! Jim knew the elements we were traversing and that we needed something other than a full size vehicle. We had tight areas to access and needed something to get us in and out safely. The Gators were the answer. Powerful yet compact enough to complete our missions. We wanna thank you again John Deere Corp and Jim Cunningham for supporting us in a huge way. Please support John Deere by visiting their showroom at 1000 Industrial way in Toms river. Ask for Will Cusick. He will set you up right!!

Our new John Deere Gator 825i's

Blueline Emergency Lighting of Tomsriver transformed our donated Gators into serious emergency response units. I spoke with Blueline and mapped out what I had in mind and they aggressively took on the project and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results. Check out their work in the pics below, then pick up the phone and call them for your next project. You wont be sorry.

Recently You may have seen Tim and his son Nicholas on CBS2 with news reporter Alice Gainer. The interview raised awareness to Tim's tragic situation and re-enforced the fact that Sandy is far from over for the Jersey shore.

Update: 5-20-2013

The amount of support for Tim and his family has been amazing. I want to thank each and every person that contributed so far. With your help, we can make it possible for them to pick up the pieces once again. The "Pier Pressure" concert spearheaded by Sara Brilliant, a 14-year-old Toms River High School North freshman and 16-year-old Amanda Kacperowski, a junior at Monsignor Donovan along with Kim Samarelli of the NJAA First responder relief fund, put on a great fundraiser at Hemingways last night. Although the event is geared towards the younger generation, the impact it makes is nothing juvenile. Their help will further support our mission.

Again, the Seaside Heights Fire Dept is very grateful for your continued support.
We have a few pictures from last nights event below courtesy of Firefighter Chris Vaz.

Nick and Tim pictured with Brilliant and Kacperowski

Tim pictured with Brilliant and Kacperowski

Brilliant and Kacperowski, "Pier Pressure" creators.

"Pier Pressure"  event

Kim Samarelli of the NJAA

"Pier Pressure" crowd

Brilliant and Kacperowski showing their support for SHFD



May 16th 2013 update: The Seaside Heights Fire Dept would like to apologize for the lack of updates. Our department and its members have been occupied with getting their lives and homes back together after Sandy. We have a number of individuals and businesses that we need to recognize for their amazing support since Sandy. We are in the process of adding a separate page on our site just for them. As our members are picking up the pieces and trying to move forward, misfortune continues to loom. One of our firefighters, Tim Farrell, had just established a new place to live with his son in Seaside Park, after loosing his original home in Lavallette to Sandy. This morning we were dispatched to Seaside Park for a reported structure fire that turned out to be Tim's new home. Tim responded on our first due unaware it was his house that was on fire. Upon arrival, Tim was able to rescue their family dog while the flames were being knocked down in another room. Loosing everything to Sandy and now to a fire is incomprehensible and warrants major support from our fellow brothers and sisters. While material items being donated certainly help, monetary support is always the best way. Tim can replace his previously replaced possessions as he sees fit. By clicking on the donate link above, you can directly help Tim and his family. Every dime will go to helping our brother that helped so many during Sandy. Thank you, Seaside Heights Fire Dept.

Donations and support have been pouring in from all over the Tri-state area. The Seaside Heights fire dept could not be more grateful, that is until we got word that the Feuerwehr Dettingen fire department in Germany was collecting donations specifically for us. Sven Doster hand delivered the donation to our firehouse. Thank you Sven for your amazing dedication to your fellow brothers. Sven also brought us a souvenir from his department that will be proudly displayed in our firehouse.

Thank you Marty from Flemington dept store and Barbara from Carhart for bringing the guys a supply of winter coats, jeans and Bates boots. Your dedication to us has been unprecedented and extremely appreciated!

The Seaside Heights fire department would like to thank Scott Colarusso , GM and Co- owner of All hands fire equip in Neptune , for his dedication to supplying us and other companies affected by sandy. Today he arrived with a brand new donated cutters edge k-12 saw! Thanks again Scott , it is companies like yours that enable us to keep serving our communities!!

Update: 11/11/2012 The past few weeks have been very stressful and challenging for everyone of Seaside Heights Fire and surrounding areas. 97% of our members have been displaced and have taken up residence at the firehouse or with relatives. We often have fund drives and events to raise money for much needed equipment and repairs, this time we need your help to provide our members with the ability to maintain residence within the borough in order to continue providing fire protection and safety. We have, so far, maintained 100% fire protection before , during and after Sandy. While supplies like water, food and clothing are a much needed asset for our current situation, monetary donations need to be allocated directly to the members for their future. By clicking the donate link, your donation will impact our members personally. Thank you for your generosity and support during this difficult time. Sincerely, Lou Nardone Battalion Chief Seaside Heights Vol fire dept

Vice President Joe Biden and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno Visit Station 44 11/18/2012. Photo credit for the first photograph to Firefighter Christopher Vaz. Photo credit for all other photos to Tim Larsen/Governor's Office.